Welcome! A tiny seed... takes root in our child's heart It grows and grows... and produces fruit. Let's plant and nurture the best seeds in them!

"Most People think you have to give up so much to homeschool... In reality... you gain so much more."


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Members of GGFCH are required to pay yearly dues of $30/yr to Homeschool NY LEAH. This provides necessary insurance coverage. 
New GGFCH members will need to set up a Homeschool NY Leah account HERE and pay the associated yearly dues. (Follow these step by step instructions if needed.)
Current GGFCH members will need to login to their Homeschool NY LEAH portal HERE to renew the yearly dues for the upcoming year if you have not selected auto renewal. 


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Payment Instructions

The $33 GGFCH membership fee can be paid promptly by scanning the Venmo QR code.

You can procede to the registration process by logging onto the glensfallsleah.org website and under the "Class Info" tab select "Class Registration". Follow the instructions provided and you will be all set for next year. Payment can be made in full or half. (Please note: Registration payment does not include the $33 GGFCH Membership fee. That is a separate payment due 5/4.) If you decide to pay half the registration fees, the other half will be due by September 1st. 


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